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Bennett - Boyce - Comstock - Craig - Hume - MacDougall - Sanders

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You'll find the links to each family name's page on the left. All but Bennett, Craig and Comstock have a Prince Edward Island, Canada connection. If you are interested in P.E.I. genealogy be sure to follow the web ring at the bottom of this page.

Along with our family name pages, we've included some nice extras. Periodically we feature one of our ancestors to share information about them that is more than dates. You'll find the current person on our Featured Ancestor page. If you missed some of the other featured ancestors, don't worry. You'll find them all on our Past Featured page. Our Photo Gallery is self explanatory. We are hoping to have more photos up soon.

Didn't find who you were looking for?

If you came here looking for someone with one of our family names and have been disappointed to find our branch is not the same as yours, please take a look at our Same Family Names page — there we include links to web pages like this one that are for other branches of our Family Names. Perhaps you will find your ancestor there.

Happy searching!

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